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Mercedes-Benz, the news of 2020: all new models

After 2019 where the New CLA Coupé and the New Shooting Brake, New GLE, New A-Class Sedan, New GLC SUV, and Coupé Facelift were presented, 2020 will also be a year of important news.

During the year the New GLB, the New GLA, the New GLE Coupe, E-Class Facelift, GLS, and S-Class will be presented.

The present and future Mercedes-Benz innovations will feature with a range of electric vehicles characterized by the initials EQ, without however abandoning traditional and hybrid engines. The Mercedes hybrid range is made up of cars with an electric motor combined with both petrol and diesel engines.

The Mercedes-Benz range: let's discover all the Mercedes car models.

The Mercedes-Benz range consists of more than 25 new car models that are presented every year. The Mercedes 2019 news has been several but also 2020 will not be less.

Mercedes cars are synonymous with elegance, sportiness, build quality, and high-level comfort.

Mercedes-Benz models are divided into various categories. Let's discover all the new Mercedes cars together.

Mercedes Sedans (A-Class, A-Class Sedan, C Class Sedan, E Class Sedan, and S Class Sedan)

Mercedes sedans (sedan in English) represent a fundamental pillar of its history for the Stuttgart company.

This type of car is characterized by a 3-volume line, with a fixed roof, generally equipped with 4 or 5 doors, and with the tail dedicated to accommodating the trunk.

The taste of motorists caused a slight drop in sales of the Mercedes sedans in favor of SUVs and Crossover Mercedes.

Mercedes Sport-Tourer / Minivan (B-Class)

The B-Class is the Mercedes compact MPV par excellence and is spacious, comfortable, and designed for the family. Despite the appearance, however, thanks to a particularly sporty design it is also defined as a Sport-Tourer.

Mercedes SUV / Crossover / Fuoristrada (GLA SUV, GLB SUV, GLC SUV, GLE SUV and GLS SUV, G-Class and EQC)

The Mercedes SUV segment today represents one car out of every three sold. One in four SUVs belongs to the compact category. Today the SUV (an acronym for Sport Utility Vehicle) identifies cars with a raised attitude and, tendentially, with four-wheel drive.

A Mercedes crossover (as GLA could be), is an automobile almost always with a station wagon or 2-volume sedan bodywork that has mostly aesthetic characteristics of a Sport Utility Vehicle.

G-Class is Stella's iconic off-road vehicle. Off-road vehicles are designed to go where normal cars and normal SUVs cannot go. Let's talk about those vehicles capable of tackling the real offroad, equipped with all-wheel drive, reduced gears, and characteristics - such as the chassis, suspension, and characteristic angles that are considered true off-road.

Mercedes Station Wagon (CLA Shooting Brake, C-Class Estate, E-Class Estate, E-Class All-Terrain)

The Mercedes Station Wagon normally derives from a sedan model from which they take the front and the central part of the car body. The elongated rear part, combined with the passenger compartment, allows increasing the load capacity of the car to create more space to load luggage or other items.

The Mercedes C-Class SW (Station Wagon) is the best-selling Mercedes family car.

Mercedes, with the CLS Shooting Brake, invented a particular segment represented by the sporty family cars characterized by a rear and a much larger load compartment than the sedan counterpart but which at the top went down like a coupe. The CLA Shooting Brake is now part of this segment.

Mercedes Coupe (CLA Coupe, C-Class Coupe, E-Class Coupe, CLS Coupé, GLC Coupé, GLE Coupé, S Coupé, AMG GT Coupé, AMG GT Coupé 4)

Mercedes Coupes are cars that combine the charm of a sports coupe with the comfort of a sedan. They are typically characterized by a design with a very elongated hood, a wide track, the absence of uprights on the doors, and the typical tail of the Gran Turismo.

Mercedes Convertible / Roadster (C-Class Convertible, E-Class Convertible, S-Class Convertible, SLC Roadster, SL Roadster, AMG GT Roadster)

Mercedes Cabrio refers to all those cars equipped with a folding roof made of canvas (soft-top) or metal (hard-top). The Mercedes cabriolets, not to be confused with the spiders, are the version with a sunroof of a four-seater sedan, while the spider has only 2 seats.

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