About Us

Italian flair, German efficiency. 

Modena Motors is a match that combines Italian solid engineering tradition with German reliability. As the name suggests, the company, founded in 1997, has its roots in Modena, at the heart of "Motor Valley," a land where passion for cars has a long tradition, and the myth of speed is part of the culture.
Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Pagani, Ducati, and De Tomaso were born here. 

Fully operational in Germany for over ten years. More than twenty years of experience in international import-export of new and used cars. With us, you can choose the car of your dreams and let us take care of everything.

Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Audi, Land Rover: we supply only premium brands at the best possible price. Our cars come exclusively from an official dealer network that guarantees 100% of all vehicles. We ensure the absence of claims and certified KM on the used ones.

We supply both car dealers and private customers with high-quality cars, delivering them quickly and in complete safety worldwide. We have a choice of more than 400 cars. You can select your model directly from our daily updated stock or order any trim you prefer.

Why can we guarantee such low prices? Simply because the new German official's list price is lower. Don't you trust us? Compare the original car price you want on the official website with the German one.

Moreover, our team analyzes the market daily to guarantee you excellent business. 

Buying a car with Modena Motors means not having to think about anything but relying on a clear, smooth, and easy process. We are leaders in the industry by exporting cars to many countries worldwide, so we know all aspects of importing into your country. Last but not least, we are probably fluent in your language.  


Benefits for you

Buying a car at Modena Motors is not just a question of price. While you save money, you enjoy numerous additional benefits, such as: 

  • >  The major auto brands are manufactured in Germany.
  • >  If the car is older than six months and 6,000 km covered, the VAT is paid in Germany at 19%
  • >  In Germany we find a much wider choice of cars.
  • >  German cars often have richer set-ups than they are for other markets.
  • >  Delivery times are often shorter than in other countries. 

Recently delivered cars

There are two ways to order your dream car from Modena Motors: contact us directly from our website or visit us in person.

Our headquarters is strategically located only 15 km away from Frankfurt. We are pleased to meet you and advise you, answering all your doubts and questions.

If you want to know more about a car seen on our website, please email us by inserting the link to the car model you are interested in.

If you are interested in a custom-made car, please send us your configuration downloaded from the official German website of the brand you are interested in (ex.  porsche.de - bmw.de ): we will send you our best offer.

Order and delivery


When your payment has been processed, cars can be picked up immediately. Thanks to partnerships with highly reliable transporters, we can ship the car directly to your home along with the license plate, registration documents, and certificate of ownership. 

If you prefer to drive the car back, we give you the keys, the papers, and an insured temporary plate. Is the delivery outside of Europe?

Some additional documents will be needed. Please don’t panic; our team will handle all the necessary formalities.

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