What cars can I buy from you?

1 - Enter in CAR section from our main menu

2 - Select the brand you are looking for via the menu on the left

3 - You can filter by availability (for example to display only cars ready for delivery)

4 - You can use the additional fields to further filter the car from the list

How do I find the details and detailed configuration of the cars?

1 - Where can I find some information about the availability of the car?

2 - And what about the configuration sheet? Where can I find it?

3 - I am a car dealer. Where can I see the prices reserved?

4 - I have further question. How can I contact you?

5 - Where can I see the first registration year and how many kilometers the car has?

6 - Which documents are required in order to proceede with the import into my country?

Thanks to our partnerships with highly reliable transporters, we can ship your car directly to your home with all the documents required.

7- What is included in the sale price?

All the proposed prices are intended Ex-works and included PDI

8- What is PDI?

PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) is the final check completed before the sale of a vehicle.  Whether brand new or pre-owned, somewhere in the fine print with the dealership mention the PDI. This thorough inspection ensure the car or truck is in top mechanical and operational condition.